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Gone are the days when people used to visit libraries to get the book they have been looking for, and moreover, availability was an issue. People had to run from one place to the other to find a book of a particular genre. Thus, to address this issue, technological advancement has been drawn in this regard, and the concept of eBooks and further to get the task easier, audiobooks were also initiated with time. The scope and reach towards potential customers are being looked after by the companies working with the development in this regard. The development has made things simpler and easier for the existing users as well as any new member in the field belonging to any age group. Be it for entertainment or recreation. EBooks are now a rescue for people.

All you can books

This particular platform also facilitates the same purpose and provides its readers with a versatile option to choose from in the form of both eBooks as well as audiobooks. They can be operative from any devices such as desktops, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. hence, it is highly convenient for its users. All you need to do is just sign up and start with your journey on the platform. The best part about the platform is that you can filter your choice, and according to that, you would be receiving suggestions and even free trial facilities on the same. 

Sum up:

To come to a concluding point, there is hardly any difficulty in accessing the platform and along with it comes great options for you to pick from. Now, you no more need to take the pain of carrying bulky books fro0m one place to another. It has all been made easy and hassle-free.

There are a lot of tools and tests on the internet that claims to accurately measure how fast you click with a mouse or a trackpad. If you are wondering how those tools work, we got you covered. In this article, we will discuss how a CPS tester work. Without further ado, let’s start:

The technology behind CPS tests

Most click speed tests found on the internet take advantage of Element speed application to track the mouse clicks of users accurately. The element speed application also has other applications, such as measuring keyboard clicks. However, for the purpose of this article, we will only discuss mouse clicks.

Click speed tests aim to provide a way for users to assess how fast they click with their mouse. CPS tests can be started as soon as you finished one, which is great for tracking your progress.

Once you are done with the test, your clicks per minute will be shown at the results page, along with a written assessment of how fast you are. These results can be screenshotted or shared directly on your social media accounts.

Our recommendations

If you are looking for the best cps tester on the internet, please visit This website has everything you need for a mouse click per minute test – from regular CPS tests to jitter test, kohi test, and roler test. These variety of tests will assess your click speed in different criteria, which is a great help. Additionally, you can even set the timer for the speed test, which can go as low as 1 second to as long as 100 seconds. This provides flexibility on how you want to conduct your test, and choosing the long timer (30 seconds and above) can also allow you to train your click speed.

Everyone is looking to make money online today. One thing being pushed a lot today is taking surveys online. I see the claims of single moms working at home making unbelievable money just taking surveys. There is money to be made taking surveys, but you would have to work at it to make it your only job. Here is the opinion of a person that really does take online surveys.

I have to admit that I do enjoy giving my opinion on several different things and getting paid for it. This is not a road to riches, but you can make cash and win free prizes with very little effort. If you think you can make millions doing this you are very mistaken. In order to be really successful enough you have to refer hundreds of people to do the same thing you’re doing. Of course, this is not impossible but that would take a lot of effort. The effort to know about the fashion trends is excellent with Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 reviews. The allotments of time and money should be right to take the advantage. Expert opinion can be taken to get the desired results. No mistakes should be done through the people to know about the fashion courses.

Even without a huge friends list you can still make a few hundred dollars a month just for your opinion which, isn’t bad. The secret to this game is signing up with only the best sites that do surveys. Once you find these you must be committed and do as many surveys per day as you can. If you look at it as fun this can go very quickly. Like I said, getting paid for my opinion is a blessing.

One thing to note right off the bat is to stay away from these websites that promise huge money if you pay them to become a member. They are making huge money by selling you something that you can find for free. Why pay anywhere from $19.95 to $34.95 for free information. Also some of these websites sign you up for a monthly membership. You will be hard-pressed to find a good reason to pay someone a monthly charge for something that you can find for yourself for free.

The other thing to avoid are sweepstakes entry surveys or anything like Publishers Clearing House. I have been doing Publishers Clearing House for 30 years and have never won. The odds of winning on the sweepstakes entry surveys are about the same, so don’t waste your time unless you enjoy these kind of things. Just keep in mind that these are for fun and your odds of winning are very small.

If you do choose to go down this road of financial fun become a member of as many sites as possible. There are plenty to choose from and each one is different and leans in a special direction. I have found that being a member of at least 20 online survey sites is the best. If you go up to 30 and stick with it everyday you can make a couple of hundred dollars a month, just filling out surveys. Not too bad. But remember you need to fill out surveys every day. So set aside an hour or so a day just to do surveys.

Some people ask me why I get paid for taking surveys online? The reason is simple, major corporations need to know what consumers think about their products. And this is the most cost effective way for them to do that. If you think about it it makes perfect sense. How else could they get so much information for so little money so quickly? So works out for both of us.

In closing, I do recommend taking online surveys if you are interested in making some extra cash. But I don’t think for the average person that they could live off of the money they make from taking online surveys. You could do this only if you set up a way to get hundreds of people to become members under you on these survey sites. Because you get a small portion of their income if they sign up underneath you. The money does not come out of their pocket, the survey site pays you the commission. Have fun and enjoy.

My life is made better by a few simple gadgets that are available to everyone. My cell phone, digital camera, photo retouching software, music player and networking site complete my life. Here is a little more information that will show you what exactly they are, and why I love them so much.

No more searching for service, worrying about being able to check my email, or sitting bored waiting for something more interesting to happen. My Droid Eris from Verizon Wireless offers internet and email support. Now I can keep up with who is contacting me via email wherever I am. I also love that I never have to worry about reception. My Eris gets great reception nearly everywhere I go. I am a huge camper and I even get service in most mountain areas. But the greatest thing about my phone is its applications. I’m constantly searching for the newest and coolest apps. A few of my favorites are the red box codes app, the solitaire app, the Tetris app, and the list app. I purchased my Droid Eris on an upgrade, so it only cost me $20. All of these features and information make my cell phone the number one thing I could not live without.

Coming in at a close second, in the running for my most needed gadget, is my Kodak EasyShare camera. It is the Z1285 and I love it because I purchased it for right around $250. It has lasted me over a year and a half now and is still in great condition. It has a 5x optical zoom allowing me to take pictures of things that are relatively far away. It also takes great pictures of things in motion. I have used it for many sports events, air shows, and action shots. I have also used it to document my artwork and I have taken engagement, senior, and family pictures with it. This camera has 12 megapixels and is a high definition camera. It goes absolutely everywhere that I do.

The next technology that I just must have is my Adobe Photoshop program. This allows me to work with the pictures I take as well as pictures others take. I have designed many announcements and invitations, as well as retouched old photos for many people. Much of what makes this program so wonderful is its “curves”, “brightness and contrast”, ” saturation”, and “color balance” capabilities. I would suggest anyone looking to alter photos use this program as it is user-friendly and there are numerous free tutorials online that can help you accomplish nearly any task you want. This program costs around $430 and is well worth the money.

Yes, my iPod has to make my list. I run with it, drive with it, work with it, sing with it and shower with it. I have the iPod nano. It has 16 GB, which is plenty for me. I don’t use it for movies or pictures, just music. This little gadget enhances my life because I love music and this is an easy and convenient way to take that music everywhere with me. I bought this item for about $150.

Facebook, I check this networking site at least once every day. I love that it keeps me in touch with people that I would otherwise not stay in touch with. I stay up to date with my friends’ activities by going through the pictures they post and reading their status updates. Facebook is free and it makes me be a better friend. I never forget birthdays, anniversaries, or events anymore. I love it.

Everyone has items that they feel they must have, these are just a few you could add to your list. If you still want more gadgets for yourself that you can include in your life, then you will find a long and detailed list on

Google’s suite of cloud-based services could supplant traditional installed applications, and the launch of Chrome OS later this year should give you an idea of how it works in practice. Working solely in the cloud does pose a few security problems, though. Tying all Google’s services into one user account means that you can lose access to everything if you forget or fail to secure your password. Google’s aggregation of different services into one catch-all account also poses problems for privacy. In this walkthrough, we’ll show you how to secure all your settings.

1) Google creates a user account for anyone who registers for one of its services, although you may not be aware of it, or what it contains. Begin your security review by opening and signing in with the credentials for the Google service you use.

2) Your historical record of Google service gill use is shown on the Google account page under the ‘My products’ section. Manage the settings for each by using the appropriate links. Review your password recovery settings first by clicking ‘Change password recovery options’, located under Personal Settings. This screen is where you specify a second email address or mobile phone number to which password recovery information can be sent n the event of a security breach. This is useful not just if you forget your password, but also if someone else guesses it. You can use another Gmail address for the email address, but an address from another provider is a more sensible option; just make sure it’s an address with an inbox you can still access. You can also choose a password- reset security question, but choose one that only you can answer to avoid making things easy for account hackers. Click Save to return to the accounts summary screen when you’re done.

3) Click ‘Change authorized websites’ under Personal Settings to see which sites and applications have access to your Google account. Personalizing the search results at will create a corresponding entry here, as will opening a account or creating a Google Calendar. Third-party services such as Eye-Fi photo and video sharing may be listed. Revoke access to any site you don’t recognize, or don’t use, by clicking the appropriate link. Click My Account at the top-right when you’re done.

4) Google Dashboard shows the data that each Google service you’ve used stores about you. Click the ‘View data stored with this account’ link next to Dashboard on the Accounts screen to see it. You can’t close accounts with any of the listed services from this screen, but you can see which are active and manage their individual settings by clicking the links next to each. Click the My Account link in the top-right of the screen when you’ve finished fiddling.

5) Although Google services shouldn’t give away personal data without your explicit approval, your Google profile might. Profiles aren’t created automatically, but it’s easy to overlook a setting when one is manually enabled. Review your profile settings by clicking ‘Edit profile’ under Profile on the main Google accounts screen, If you don’t yet have one but would like to, click ‘Create a profile’. The ‘About me’ tab shows basic personal details. Anything entered here is publicly visible at . Even if all the fields are empty, the ‘Display my full name’, ‘Allow people to contact me’ and ‘Display the list of people I’m following’ options on the right of the page can give some details away, so consider disabling them and after that a user will receive torguard coupons which they can use for these types of concerns and its given to them for free.

. The bottom of this page also shows which websites have been linked to your profile (Twitter, LinkedIn and so on), along with the option to delete your profile.

6) The Photos tab lets you connect an online photo album to your account; the ‘Contact info’ tab is home to more concrete contact details – but only if you’ve entered them manually. Filling out these fields is useful if Google is your communication and social network hub, but it’s sensible to control who can see the information. Scroll to the bottom of this page and you’ll see options to limit access based on Google Contacts groups, though you may need to set up some suitable ones first. If no groups are enabled here, none of the information on the ‘Contact info’ page can be seen by anyone but you.

presentation, working on an advertisement for your business, or making your website for your blogging activities, you need quality images to give life and visual representations to your work. But with a large number of image file formats, there are also number of issues associated with converting one image format to another. One of these issues, for instance, is losing the quality of the original image as you convert it to another format. That is why proper image conversion is really important. But how would you know what format exactly is needed for your images? This article will help you understand the different file formats so you’ll know what’s suitable for your images.


This format is more appropriate when a particular image is required to be placed on the top of another image. One of the best examples that PNG is a suitable format is a logo which is palced over a larger image.


This format is the most used format and is also the most convenient format that allows you to convert your image to a smaller size. JPG is the more suitable if the image has a lot of colors and details.


Nowadays, GIF is considered as a legacy format and must only be used in animation of images.


These formats are usually not supported formats over the internet and should not be taken into consideration.

Converting images nowadays is made easier as there are a lot of image converters available online. Simply, these image converters help you convert one image format into another. If you’re unable to use a photo, graphic, or any kind of image file you need because the format is not supported, image converter software can help. You can just search online exactly the kind of converter you need like png to pdf converter software free download. Make the best out of your presentations, website or advertisement through the help of image conversions.