The cost of bitcoin reached an all-time high this early morning, beating the previous record of $ 266, attained in April.

Trades were made this morning over $ 267 on Mt. Gox, which is presently not included in the Bitcoin Price Index (due to lengthy withdrawal times), however still stand for 24 % of global bitcoin trading volume but the overall frequency of crypto trading has seen a significant improvement.

The value of the cryptocurrency has been increasing rapidly because of 2nd October– the day after the closure of the black marketplace Silk Roadway and the arrest of its owner Ross Ulbricht.

Lots of believe that the closure of such a high-traffic bitcoin site would irreparably harm the cryptocurrency. They have actually because been shown wrong.

The Bitcoin Rate Index reveals the rate dipped from over $ 125 at 4 pm (BST) on 2nd October, to $ 82 just 3 hours later, but was back up to $ 100 by midnight. After that, the price rocketed, reaching $ 200 a little under 3 weeks later on.

Today, the rate has been climbing up at quite a speed, even jumping 8.7 % from 3rd November to 4th November.

Jon Matonis, executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, stated: “This brand-new record for bitcoin’s USD exchange price demonstrates the social value of a financial unit with a predictable and fixed supply.”

What lags the rise?

A bitcoin investor, who wants not to be named, said positive media protection over the last couple of weeks has contributed to the interest in, and demand for, bitcoin.

He went on to state the announcement that the new bitcoin business Circle had actually raised $ 9m in financing was “big information” and brought a great deal of authenticity to space, hence motivating more people to invest.

He went on to state that the network difficultly has actually expanded so much that it is difficult to gather bitcoins by purchasing mining.

The final factor the investor associated the rate rise to was the enhanced interest and exchange volume coming from China.

Will the rise ongoing?

Lee sees the value increasing as more and even more individuals become thinking about the digital currency, likening interest in bitcoin to interest in the Web back in the very early days.

Unlike the Web, the adoption and appeal of digital currency can be straight tracked and determined, making use of the cost of bitcoin.

Will history repeat itself?

After the last high of $ 266 in April, there was a substantial crash, with the rate falling to a low of $ 50, 6 days later on. The value then changed over the next three weeks before becoming a little steadier.

There are issues that the price will follow this pattern and the current high increase is developing to another crash.

The confidential investor we talked to concurred with this belief said he is “quite sure” bitcoin will crash again.

He went on to say that if bitcoin ends up being even more mainstream, the rate will increase to a much greater level than it is at today.

The investor hopes that as time goes on and bitcoin gains a larger circulation and the general public ends up being more informed about the digital currency, the future price volatility will be more moderate.

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