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Gone are the days when people used to visit libraries to get the book they have been looking for, and moreover, availability was an issue. People had to run from one place to the other to find a book of a particular genre. Thus, to address this issue, technological advancement has been drawn in this regard, and the concept of eBooks and further to get the task easier, audiobooks were also initiated with time. The scope and reach towards potential customers are being looked after by the companies working with the development in this regard. The development has made things simpler and easier for the existing users as well as any new member in the field belonging to any age group. Be it for entertainment or recreation. EBooks are now a rescue for people.

All you can books

This particular platform also facilitates the same purpose and provides its readers with a versatile option to choose from in the form of both eBooks as well as audiobooks. They can be operative from any devices such as desktops, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. hence, it is highly convenient for its users. All you need to do is just sign up and start with your journey on the platform. The best part about the platform is that you can filter your choice, and according to that, you would be receiving suggestions and even free trial facilities on the same. 

Sum up:

To come to a concluding point, there is hardly any difficulty in accessing the platform and along with it comes great options for you to pick from. Now, you no more need to take the pain of carrying bulky books fro0m one place to another. It has all been made easy and hassle-free.

The first thing I would like to say to my readers is that this article is dedicated to men which don’t mean men should not make efforts to keep their wives happy, of course, they should but like I said this article is for men. How to make your husband happy? This remains a question in the minds of most women but one thing all women should know is that your marriage firstly depends on how you understand and love each other, if the understanding is great, you both won’t face any issue in your relationship.

How to Make Your Husband Happy?

I would be answering this question of yours by providing ways that actually matter in any marriage. Don’t take any of these tips and advice as a burden, else it won’t work at all, feel it, and do it by heart which will actually make it better and strong. No more gossips now, lets jump to the ways :Expecting from your husband is fully justified as he is the only one on whom you have the full right, but over expecting from your husband is not a good idea, keep one thing in mind that you are living in a real-world, not in a virtual world of romantic fairy tales, don’t expect your husband to do those things for you which you know he can’t. If you know that he can’t buy you your favorite expensive jewelry then don’t even expect and force him to do so.

If you are thinking which wife does that, then believe me I have seen some who have left their husband for this silly and stupid reason.

Men really love it when women want him, not only needs him. Need and want are different things. The need would show the selfishness but want shows your affection, attraction, and love for your husband. Even if you are a highly aimed woman moving towards your goals even then your husband would love it if you say “I want you with me” to him.

If he feels that he is the biggest priority in your life then trust me it will give him much happiness.

Support him in every way you could, your moral support matters a lot to him. Don’t be a woman who only remains with her husband in good times and shows her back when hard times hit the family. A wife is the biggest support for any man. Make him feel secure over any of his insecurities.

If you think conveying emotions through saying romantic things or eating dinner together would be enough then you are totally wrong, we all know sex is very important for happy married life and the life which doesn’t have much of it will face severe issues, most of the time man will complain that he is not satisfied. So, make sex a priority in your married life, and using Viagra can help you with that.

Show him that you want it, it will make him much interested and excited. Don’t make it as we had it yesterday also, is it a schedule or mandatory that you can’t have sex without a gap of 2-3 days, enjoy your life and stay connected with your spouse mentally, emotionally, and physically as well.

Some couples have quarrels when parenting, both of them behave as if they are on an opposite team competing for who does better care of the child. Neither father nor mother can do wrong to their child and if your husband doing it wrong in any sense then make him know calmly not by shouting at him or blaming him.

Like I also said in the previous tip say anything calmly because no man (even woman) loves if their spouse shouts at them. Speak gently, you words matter to him a lot. Also, never do bitching about him with your friend or relative as this would be the first thing any wife can do by spoiling the image ad reputation of her husband. Remember you both are one together, anyone of you insulted means both of you are insulted.

Kissing is one of the best ways to convey love and interest in them, plus if you are losing some weight then it will be beneficial in that too as one kiss burns many calories 😛 LOL.

Most men complain that whenever they are in a mood to get intimate their wives refuse them for one or the other reason, which is really disappointing, if you have a strong reason then its ok but refusing every time is not justified, don’t ever make excuses of kids, pending housework, etc.

Don’t Force Him To Do What He Doesn’t Like

This will make him angry as no one likes to do the thing he/she hates. If he loves you then this doesn’t mean he has to do the things which he never liked.

This will add the ultimate fun to your sex life, behaving as different personalities, and then having sex seems fun for most of the couples.

The Base Of Your Relation

At last, I would say no matter how much effort you do to please and make your husband happy, it will a big fail if there is no trust, love, and understanding. Understand each other, his feelings, his words, his deeds and trust him.

I would like to wish you a happy married life and may your relation experience the same strong love forever and ever.

In many relationships both parties are under the agreement that time and effort must be invested for the purpose of a healthy, functioning arrangement. If such agreement is violated by one member of the relationship then unhappiness is commonly the result. Whether the unhappiness is caused by infidelity or simple neglect, the usual outcome is somebody is unhappy because the interests of that person is not taken into consideration. People demand recognition of their needs, and wants in relationships, and if those needs and wants are not being tended to, accusations of being a bad partner are casted typically in an emotional manner. These accusations are characterized by comments such as, “You don’t pay attention to me”, “You don’t care about what I want”, ” This is a one sided relationship, and I always make time for you and you don’t make time for me.”

“Me”, self interest is a part of love, people in relationships often make it obligatory that attention is directed toward them. Certainly this makes sense people are not in relationships to be ignored. However love does seem to be a form of selfishness that is commonly not even considered as that. Love demands that one member of the relationship makes the other member of the relationship feel special and no one else. A woman cannot tell her boyfriend that ” I will kiss you and be affectionate with you and kiss somebody else to make that person feel just as special as I made you feel.” This simply will not work. Members of relationships usually want exclusivity, involving special treatment that cannot be expressed toward any body else. ” I want you to kiss me and only me.” But why is this so? Why is it not acceptable for people to say “Your being selfish.” Why can”t I kiss other people that I find attractive? ” Imagine how special I would make that person feel.” “Don’t you want other people to feel special too? ” The reply would probably be, ” Yes, but let that person feel special by somebody else.”

Perceiving love in this manner is rather strange, because it is normal,and righteous for exclusivity to be a part of the relationship. Selfishness is commonly not an an issue in the the typical understanding that love is a mutual arrangement of exclusivity. When people honor this exclusivity, it’s certainly not considered as selfishness. If a couple is successful being absolutely committed to each other’s happiness exclusively, they are described as having a praiseworthy relationship. When couples are committed to each other absolutely, rarely does any one say, ” You two are so selfish.” “All you do is make each other happy,and you don’t bring any body else in your relationship to make them feel special too.” Well, unless your into that sort of thing, the preceding comment is hardly uttered, for most people are searching for exclusive treatment as well. Selfishness is not an issue, when it comes to loving someone solely. It’s like the feeling to wanting to skip the games sites and just do whatever you want to do. Love makes us happy and it hurts us sometimes. But most of the time, the reason why we love is because we want to be happy. It is not a form of selfishness because loving someone is caring for that person.

Looking at love from the perspective of self gratification, people are involved in love for personal gain. People do not engage in relationships because they do not wish to be special.There are interests in being in a relationship that must be tended to by both parties. If the interests are not tended to, the agreement called the relationship is either redefined to a platonic status or dissolved completely. Most who are in relationships sometimes resort to altercations to make sure that their interests is as high on the other person’s list of priorities as possible. ” You have to make me feel special or else”, this phrase kind of sums up the underlying self interests found in relationships were one member of the party is not considering the other person’s self interests.

This is only normal, of course people will be unhappy in relationships where their interests are not being tended to, but selfishness is not considered as a

major component of love, possibly because of the traditional model of relationships involving exclusivity. One partner tends to the needs of another partner within the relationship, and no one outside of the relationship in the capacity of exclusively making the other person feel special, and another reason may be sheer jealousy or possessiveness. Love maybe an acceptable form of selfishness, generally because the people who demand for exclusive treatment in relationship see it as only right that are treated with special care by there one and only.

At one point or another, we’ve all attracted the wrong guy and didn’t realize it until it was too late. Then there are those who seem to constantly attract a string of wrong guys. Maybe the guy has a drinking problem, is a cheater or is emotionally unavailable, but he’s definitely not the dream guy you want to settle down with. It’s certainly frustrating to keep attracting a string of bad boys. We’ve all been there – myself included – but the key is to figure out what you’re doing wrong so you can correct the problem and attract a guy who is stable and going to give you the type of relationship you want. If you’re ready to change things for the better, there are several ways you can start attracting better quality men.

Be confident

I can’t emphasize enough how much guys love confident women. If you want to attract a good quality guy, you’re going to have to work on building up your confidence. It’s obviously not going to happen overnight, but the more you continue to work on it, the better it’ll be for you and your dating life.

Gone are the days when women used to be demure and docile (although they still have their merits), today’s guys prefer girls that are firebrand, outgoing, bubbly, witty and talkative and these are the traits that any guy notices in the girl of his dreams. In simple words, just be yourself and not the kind of person that he expects you to be and you can take tips from okcupid dating app, which containers excellent points on how to succeed in this mission.

Know what you want

It’s crazy how much you can learn even from one relationship or experience. When you take what you’ve learned and process it, you can figure out what you do and don’t want in a relationship and from a guy. Until you truly know what you want, you’re going to have a problem finding a good guy. Not quite sure what you really want? Start by making a list and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can start to figure it out.

Dress appropriately

I’ve had plenty of guys tell me that if they see a woman dressed in skin-baring clothing, they make the assumption that she’s likely out just for a good time and isn’t the “bring home to mom” type. Should it be this way? Probably not, but it definitely happens, and not just in person. A lot of guys make the same assumption from online profile pictures. Start being more conscious of what you’re wearing if you want a guy to take notice for the right reasons.

Be more approachable

If you’re sitting around with a miserable look on your face, you’re hunched over and you’re giving off a “don’t come near me” vibe, chances are the only guys who are going to come near you are drunk jerks, guys looking for a challenge or guys hoping to take advantage of a “vulnerable” woman. Slap a smile on your face, don’t cross your arms, sit up straight and just look like you’re having a good time overall.

Have a positive attitude

I knew a woman who would constantly have a negative attitude and you could almost see good guys running away from her. Guys love positive women! If you want to attract a guy who has a positive outlook on life, work on developing one yourself. It’s a win-win situation.

Hang out in different places

While it’s possible that you could meet a great guy in a bar, you may have more luck in other places where most of the people aren’t drunk and/or just looking for sex. Consider bookstores, cafes and various other places where you also probably won’t feel so awkward about hanging out by yourself.

Don’t be desperate

There’s few things less attractive to a guy than a desperate woman. Don’t hit on every guy in the room or sit there looking around with a pleading look in your eyes. Socialize with those around you and just focus on having a good time and that’s what’s going to draw a guy to you.

It may not be difficult to attract a guy to you, but attracting the good ones takes a little more finesse. Start by working on bettering yourself and developing a more positive attitude and you’ll be surprised by how much your love life will change.

Summer in Charlotte is usually very hot and humid. There is no better way to get relief from the heat than a nice dip in a pool. Kids love going to the pool, and it can provide many hours of fun and exercise for the entire family. Charlotte has many pools to choose from, ranging in price from a few dollars to those that are a bit more pricey. Here are some of the top choices:

Mecklenburg Aquatic Center. This facility is open year round. It has a 50 x 25 indoor pool with a diving well and a 25 x 4 warm pool. It includes a fitness center and has dressing rooms. Swimming lessons are available. The great news is that the Mecklenburg Aquatic Center is affordable for everyone, ranging in price from $2 to $4 a day, depending on whether or not you are a Mecklenburg County resident. My kids always enjoyed going to the Aquatic Center because there are diving boards.

Ray’s Splash Planet. Ray’s Splash Planet is not just a pool. It’s an indoor water park filled with fun and excitement for the entire family. It also hosts a huge fitness center. One option for families is to get a yearly pass that will include admittance to Ray’s Splash Planet, the Mecklenburg Aquatic Center, the Marian Diehl Pool, and other Mecklenburg County outdoor pools.

Marian Diehl Pool. The Marian Diehl Pool is another indoor pool, and the great thing about this pool is the fact that it includes year round recreation, classes, and support for adults and children with disabilities as well as those without. The center has a 25 x 4 warm lane pool as well as a wading pool.

Charlotte YMCA. The YMCA in Charlotte is a great place to go swimming. A family pass to the YMCA includes membership to all of the area YMCA’s. This means that you can enjoy any of the 11 outdoor pools and waterparks. There is also a waterfront area to enjoy at the Lake Norman YMCA. Another great thing about the YMCA is that they all offer swimming lessons for children and adults alike.

Carowinds. Carowinds is the area’s theme park, located on the border of North and South Carolina, just a few miles south of Charlotte. The park hosts a huge water park that includes 2 giant wave pools, several water slides, a children’s pool, and a children’s outdoor water play area. My family and I usually get a season pass to Carowinds which includes entrance to the park all season long. This is the most cost effective way to enjoy the park if you live in Charlotte and plan on going a lot.

No matter which place you decide to take your family to swim this summer, you won’t be disappointed. Not only will you have fun, you can take advantage of the exercise programs and swimming lessons that are available at some of them. Have fun this summer and stay cool! Different websites are launched through the trifactor classes to provide knowledge to the adults. Learn more about adult swimming at the sites of the classes. The reviews should be checked through the person. 

The films listed below are among many I’ve seen. None of them really made me glad or proud to have paid the expense of a ticket. Each film was disappointing in some fashion, whether it be in the way or ways they were executed or just in general principle. Never the less, this is the list of recent movies you should really try to avoid.

The Wicker Man (2006) – Starring Nic Cage (Leaving Las Vegas), this movie is like a bad trip. It’s got witches but no witchcraft. It’s got understandable suspense but no plot. It’s a mess that the filmmakers should be ashamed of. When Nic Cage’s character is caught, you hope to God the witches kill him soon so this horrible attempt at a scary movie ends quickly. For more on this big, stinky pile of crap, read my full Wicker Man review.

The Black Dahlia – Starring Josh Hartnett (Pearl Harbor), Scarlett Johansson (Lost in Translation), and Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby), The Black Dahlia is a big waste of money. Not only is it predictable, not only does it feature bland, lifeless characters, but everyone and everything looks, and sounds bleak. It looks like they’re trying to say everyone who’s anyone is sick, depraved, and selfish. While “Bucky” Bleichert (Hartnett) is trying to identify the murder of a woman, desperate to get ahead in the movies, he’s got to tackle such obstacles as a sexy and seductive young woman in Kay Lake (Johansson), the wiles of a tawdry and illusive rich young woman in Madeleine Linscott (Swank). Then, among other things, director Brian De Palma tries to copy some of the same tastes, colors, and nuances of this writer’s other big movie, LA Confidential. Not only does this feel like every other period mystery since Chinatown, but it’s depressing too.

The Covenant – Starring Steve Strait (Sky High), this teen-with-super-powers movie feels like Cruel Intentions and Skulls meet Sky High. It’s contrived. The effects aren’t as great as they looked on the trailers. The screenplay sounds like more like a Lindsay Lohan horror film than something intelligent. If you want to see a freaky film with intelligence and super powers, rent Final Destination. Plus, these vampiritic, mischievous teens are less appealing than Gary Oldman as Count Dracula himself.

Crank – Starring Jason Statham (The Transporter) plays a hit man who has to keep his adrenaline up or he will die. While the concept sounds sort of cool, the way in which the story was executed is crazy and unclear. There is a serious problem with the cameraman. He doesn’t seem to have the ability to hold the camera straight. In effect, much of the action is choppy, bouncing, blurred, and maybe even too fast for the human eye. This has been a problem with most of the other recent action films, but this time it seems the filmmakers hit a new low. Crank is definitely not worth the price of admission.

Gridiron Gang – Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (Walking Tall), this movie turns out to be more of an idea than a feel-good movie. With the exception of main character John Porter (Johnson), its characters are unsympathetic and uninteresting. After the recent, much more effective, Invincible, this concept feels recycled. Football coach, John Porter tries to teach a group of juvenile delinquents how to work together and play together while also giving them a sense that they’re worth more than they think. If I was going to make a movie of this kind, I would not going about it by showing these players’ crimes. It sort of beats down any hope of empathy. Now if you want to see a film for less money with similar ideas that is actually effective, rent either the original Longest Yard or the most recent Adam Sandler adaptation.

The Last Kiss – Starring Zach Braff (best known for his role on the TV series, Scrubs), The Last Kiss doesn’t exactly deliver the laugh in which previews promise, and the film ultimately becomes dull with the lack of a sense of humor. That is the only reason this otherwise well-made film is on this list. It’s got a nice idea, it’s got some great characters with some fine acting. But, the screenplay starts to feel like the dry stuffing of a gym mat. In beginning, the script shares a few laughs with the audience – whether it is or isn’t executed correcty – and the whole film just seems to become stale toward the end. For drama, this is not bad. But even some of the greatest, most serious dramas in the history of movies had a better sense of humor.

This has been the worst year for Hollywood, with flops pouring out from everywhere and cinema has truly reached a nadir that there are no hopes for its future prospects as there are numerous films, other than the ones mentioned above, that make you thank the almighty that you’re still alive after coming out of theatres. Its much better to tune into cyberflix apk and watch old classics of the bygone era than the travesty that are played out today in the name of cinema.

Anybody can take pictures, but it needs a photographer to capture the emotions behind that picture. Photography is form of an art which requires skills to convert special moments into irreplaceable memories. Wedding day is one of the most precious days of our lives and we want to make those memories last forever. Hiring a professional wedding photographer could make your wedding memories more special. If you are looking for a wedding photographer Toronto based in downtown Toronto, USA or Miama, then Mango Studios is a good option.

Why hire a professional wedding photographer? The first and the most important advantage of hiring a professional photographer is their skills to the use the equipment, experience and skills to capture the best quality pictures. Wedding photography is approached in two different ways; traditional and photo journalistic. A professional photographer will always match the style of wedding you want. Another advantage of hiring a photographer is that he will be able to handle any last minute changes or errors. Weddings are not just about the bride and groom but also the people surrounding them and photographers know how to handle different personalities. Lighting is another important factor of good photography and photographers understand the amount of lighting that is needed to click good pictures. Wrong angles could make your pictures unattractive and photographers can eliminate these errors for you by choosing the right angles and poses. Editing is another huge factor in photography. Professional photographers know how to crop, adjust the color and refine the clicks to give you good pictures. Apart from all the tools, they have all the software needed for post processing of the pictures.

How to become a professional wedding photographer? To become a photographer one has to get a degree in photography. The photography education includes various concepts of professional and proper photography. They are even taught about proper posing and lighting techniques. The wedding photographer has to build their own portfolios and their best work is recognized from their portfolios.

A wedding is a very special moment in every person’s life, and if everything turns out as planned then it will probably just happen once and that is why planning it in a certain way is very important. Most people have grown up dreaming of planning their special day and this is why Gatlinburg cabin weddings should be your number one option.

Now let me tell you why, if you decide to host your wedding in such a setup, then you do not have to check in with different people and worry about the venue because you have already booked such a wonderful spot for your special day.

Furthermore, you get to have 100% control over all the arrangements for your wedding, from the caterers to the decoration, to how should the altar setup look like.

The Gatlinburg cabin wedding is the perfect spot for you if you want a nice, cozy, romantic setting for your wedding. You can have complete privacy to enjoy your special day with your loved ones and not be bothered by the hustle bustle of urban life.

Different wedding packages include different amenities. For example, some packages include a free bouquet for the bride and some packages include a free cake. These features solve the problem of bringing along a cake with you and in case you forget to bring the bride’s bouquet, you can be at rest because there will be one available at the cabin if you have opted for the bridal bouquet package.

The Gatlinburg wedding cabins also have wedding chapels, where you could opt for a more traditional wedding and hold your ceremony there. Apart from this, you could also choose between an outdoor camping set up or a private ceremony in your cabin itself. The options to choose from are plenty!

Buying CD’s and DVD’s of our favourite movies to watch at home is all in the past now. Now is the time to watch movies online. To watch movies online may it be on your phones or on your computer screens only a few sites provide you with a super-quality experience. Putlocker is one such website that offers you a high-quality streaming without any interruptions or ads. Now you can watch latest or old movies with the putlockers new site allows you to stream movies or TV series without having to register and is free.

Why is putlocker better than other the other online streaming service? Other streaming services like amazon rapid and Netflix charge a subscription fee to stream movies. While the other free services come with a whole lot of popups and ads which could be annoying at times. But when it comes to putlocker, the service is free of cost and ads. To stream movies on other websites, adobe plug-ins may be required. These plug-ins might not work on every device and may cause difficulties in streaming movies. But with putlocker, no plug-ins are needed while streaming the movie. Putlocker has a high buffering speed and hence you can stream even with a low internet speed.

Putlocker has a whole lot of content of movies, TV series, music and so on. You need not switch from one website to another to watch different kinds of movies. The best part about putlockers is that it has a filter option. You can filter the type of movies, genre and even year to search for a particular movie. The legality of this service is in question. This service is considered legal in only some countries. Sometimes while streaming there might be some damaging content created which might damage your device. VPN could be one option to safeguard your online identity and to secure the content being streamed by you. Overall, putlocker is a pretty good platform to experience a good-quality online streaming.

If you are an avid riddle fan and you love solving riddles every day then one of the best ways to keep yourself entertained is to make sure that you download as many riddles as possible from so that you never have to lose the riddle and whichever riddle you want to solve is always available to you on your computer. While some people believe that downloading riddles is not the best way to save riddles so that you can solve them, it happens to be one of the most convenient ways because not only is it easier for you to save them on your computer but it also easy to access them even if you do not have Internet connection and you will still be able to solve these riddles as often as you would like to. The best part about solving riddles on your computer is that you will never have to worry about losing the riddle and you always have a backup on your hard disc.

When you are choosing websites to download riddles for you to solve make sure that you look at sites that do not require you to sign up or register on them. While there are some websites that promise to provide you with online riddles there are also websites that ask you to constantly enter your credit card details in order for you to be able to solve the riddle effectively.

You need to remember that once you download riddles from the right website you will not only get the full version of the riddle but you will get it without having to pay any money. This is extremely essential because at the end of the day spending money on riddles doesn’t really make a lot of sense when you can get the very same riddles to solve for free.