There are many anti-aging products bombarding the market as this generation realizes they want and can preserve their natural bodies with different supplements, creams and procedures. But aging occurs on the inside as well as the outside and probably it is more important what happens to our vital organs and health on the inside. A few scientists, with Dr. Jonathan Wright out in the lead, have in the past 15 years begun to focus on our most important inner organ and that is how our brain really works. Information on His clinic can be found on Since the brain is the “control-tower” of the body, it is only logical that by keeping it healthy and by taking care of the brain, we would find anti-aging success. What these scientists have discovered is that lithium has tremendous results on our gray matter.

The reason this may come as somewhat of a surprise to you, is because up until now lithium has been known mainly to treat patients who suffer from bi-polar or manic depression. This element is just like the best deals for Melatonin MZS that provide you with quality and effective results. It has also been proven effective in the market. But in the studies these scientists have held in the past 15 years, it has been shown to produce new cells in the grey matter in as little as 4 weeks. Lithium also creates a needed ‘coating’ for the brain and nerve cells protecting from overactivity and toxicity that your brain receives in everyday life. Taking a lower dose of lithium, 10mg – 20mg, protects the brain cells, allows needed brain cells to reproduce and prevents dysfunction like Alzheimer’s and dementia. WOW! A cure to Alzheimer’s is one that families around the world would love to hear. Up until now there has not been an antidote for the spread of Alzheimer’s, and so ten’s of thousands of our grandmothers and grandfathers have had to struggle with it. This scientific breakthrough is tremendous in itself.

Now let’s look at how lithium works as anti-aging agent. First of all, we all know that the brain is the organ that directs the entire body – from the kidneys to the heart to when you move your hand, so it needs to stay healthy. Dr. Braverman in Manhattan, NY found at has studied the brain and its functions, and toxic levels and says that the brain is the head of the body and by keeping the brain in healthy and toxin free, the rest of the body will stay younger and healthier. He states, “that you are only as old as your weakest body part.” Dr. Braverman has developed a completely healthy way of eating and offers a complete series of supplements and whole foods to feed the brain.

Dr. Jonathan Wright has taken this brain research one step further by researching lithium. In his Tahoma, Washington clinic, Dr. Wright states that the biggest problem in using lithium is people’s perception of it. When he discovered all the benefits of creating new DNA and preventing toxicity in the brain and nervous system, he began using the low dose of the mineral several years ago. There is no fear about the use of lithium. In the 1930’s and 40’s lithium chloride was sold in the stores as a salt substitution. Lithium is a commonly found mineral and though its ability to work for bi-polar patients was discovered 50 – 60 years ago, it was not until recent times that the anti-aging and dementia preventing uses were discovered. Dr. Wright is convinced and has proven that lithium is a significant anti- aging nutrient and even suggests that there could be many other uses such as for headaches and child hyperactivity.

What this means is that you can do something to prevent your internal aging, which is most important, as well as whatever you want to do for the outside of your body. Slather your skin with all kinds of lotions or have any kind of procedures that you desire, but start each day by taking 10mg – 20 mg of lithium aspartate or lithium orotate which unlike the high doses of lithium that needs a prescription, you can find these in most good health food stores across the United States. According to the studies, this will stop harmful reactions to occur in the brain and at the same time you would be starting a natural preventative to Alzheimer’s and Dementia. If you have already begun showing some of these symptoms, keep in mind that in just 4 weeks results of multiplied brain cells who tried lithium was shown. This is cutting edge information for these hopeless situations. Alzheimer’s, overactivity, and aging which are all too common to the public. Up until now there has been no real progress made.

So it is not necessary to take the large doses (900mg – 1800mg) that are used to treat bi-polar, to get these benefits. The low doses are enough and found locally with no prescription in your health food stores. Look for more secrets of lithium to be revealed when it comes to brain and nerve cell research. For right now, these discoveries are monumental in creating a healthier life for you and your family.