After the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus in September last year, everyone is now waiting for the release of iPhone 7. People are thrilled to know about the new features of iPhone 7. Here are some of the characteristics you may expect in your new iPhone.

#1 Wireless charging

Previously, wireless charging was not possible because of the aluminum backplate. Now, wireless charging is possible through metal. So, we are expecting wireless charging to be a new feature on iPhone 7.

#2 Built-in touch ID

iPhone has developed an ultrasound biometric sensor which is compatible with Corning Gorilla Glass, providing a high-resolution 3D fingerprint image. No home button will be required. So, the screen is run edge to edge without any cut out for the home button.

#3 Flexible

Apple has received patent for flexible electronics. It will be possible to bend the screen, battery and the internal components. Yet the phone will be in good condition.

#4 Waterproof

iPhone will be waterproof. So, even if you submerge it on water, the phone will remain intact. The idea is that when liquid is detected, charges would be applied throughout the various modules of the phone in such a way that the liquid would be moved and ultimately taken away from the cavity.


iPhone 7 is supposed to be unhackable, even by the Apple engineers. iPhone 7 is going to provide the highest level of personal security to its users.

These are some wonderful innovative features of iPhone 7 that we are all waiting to try out. iPhone 7 is expected to be released this September.

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