As of today, Instagram boasts of having more than 400 million followers and still counting. With this kind of fan base, the platform presents businesses with a perfect opportunity of marketing their products or services to potential customers from all around the world. As a social media marketer you need to start thinking of tapping into this new market if you are looking to succeed. In this piece, we are going to discuss about some of the best apps you can use to supercharge your Instagram marketing without feeling the need to buy instagram followers on the platform.

#1 Iconosquare

bg4ima1Otherwise known as Statigram, Iconosquare is a very popular and useful app that is basically used to help one take control of their Instagram account. With over 8 million users already using the app, you get a clear picture of exactly how useful the app is.

With the app, you can create a social rich media strategy and use the same to effectively engage with your community. The app allows you to create or be involved in a contest, view feeds, analyze account activities, manage your community and above all help you to promote your account.

#2 VSCO Cam

bg4ima2Visual Supply Company is a free app that is available for both iPhone and Android users. The app is designed to help the user create spectacular images by providing them with unique filters.

The user friendly interface and the different adjustment tools that are also easy to use is what makes VSCO Cam unique and exciting. Take your images to the next level with the apps inventive filters.

#3 Quick

bg4ima3Want to tell a story about your images? Why don’t you embrace Quick. The app allows you to get creative as you incorporate text into your images and helps you tell your perfect story.

Quick works in such a way that once you choose an image from your gallery you can then go ahead and edit the text field displayed.

The app provides you with a large selection of typography where you can personalize your images with whichever color you want.

#4 Repost for Instagram/Regram

bg4ima4Perhaps one of the biggest shortfalls of Instagram is that it does not allow users to share photos uploaded by other users or better yet download photos shared by others. And who unfollowed me instagram is the most popular tagline.

With these two apps, users get to share photos simply by clicking the reshare button.  The best part about Regram is that whenever you do a repost, the app automatically gives credit to the owner by adding a watermark.

#5 Afterlight

bg4ima5Afterlight is pretty much similar to VSCO Cam as the app offers you powerful adjustment tools and a wide variety of filters one can use for their images. With the ability to crop images, Afterlight allows you to make shapes of circles, square or even hearts.

The simple and straightforward design gives the app an extra edge over the other apps in this category. It is also helpful to know that you can use this app together with VSCO Cam.

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