Patrick Scanlan – The Chicago Consultant!

Who is a consultant?

Ever heard of Mr. Patrick Scanlan? Mr. Scanlan happens to be a consultant in Chicago, but before we delve into that, let us first grab a gist of what consulting really is. A consultant is an individual whose job entails providing expert advice in various fields like security, finance, education, management, accountancy, etc. Of course, a consultant specializes in just one field which is why he is expected to possess a vast knowledge on one particular area of interest. There are two types of consultants: internal and external. Internal consultants are those who work for an organization but their services can be availed by clients or members of other departments. On the other hand, an external consultant is one who is employed through a consulting firm and his/her expertise is provided for a brief duration of time, for a fee. The art of providing advice is generally done with the aid of reports and presentations and sometimes, one can also use software customized specially for this Management consulting is quite common these days, due to the unending demand for management related strategies. A consultant can have any qualification pertaining to his/her area of expertise; it could be a professional degree, undergraduate degree, graduate degree or even a professional designation. For instance, a civil engineer is in a good position to offer consulting for a construction project.TOP-10-600x403

Patrick Scanlan:

Chicago, being the hub of development and business, has excellent opportunities for consulting firms and consultants. Among these, Mr. Patrick Scanlan works in the areas of cyber security, economy, technology and e-commerce. His website is and it gives us complete insight on the kind of work that interests him. Having worked in Prague and Chicago, he is a person with a global work profile and this reflects on every assignment he takes up. His sheer intellect and deep thinking is apparent when one reads his posts on the website on various topics like security, microfinance, ethics and the morality involved in the Three Gorges Dam project. All these topics are poles apart and yet, his articles do complete justice to them and one cannot help but marvel at his work. For those who wish to obtain his services, he has also provided his contact details, along with a map outlining the places where he offers his consulting.


Consulting can make or break a firm or business and it is imperative to invest wisely when choosing a consultant. A good consultant can even save a sinking ship and we must never underestimate the power of professional advice. One must always check for the accreditation of management consultation firms by a good international council or organization. The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes and the Chartered Institute of Management Consultants are two examples of accredited institutes. Such councils validate the credibility of firms, thus ensuring that clients receive the service that they paid for. Consulting is a fine art indeed and it is extremely enjoyable if one likes to dabble with real life problems and offer solutions. Tapping those grey cells can also be a profession in itself and this statement is brought to life by consultants!

Best Used Cars Under $10000

An affordable used car is one of the favourite cars that any individual would love to purchase from the car market. Before buying any new car proper details about the cars should be noted down. The list of best cars used under $10000 could be very handy to people as there are very few best used cars under $10,000.


This car is the best because of it’s reliabiltiy and durablity. It is simple to handle, has a compacted engine and economic in terms of fuel . Its engine delivers 161HP and maintains fuel consumption in the city at around 21 miles per gallons and on the highway of about 27 miles per gallon. It has a reliable and powerful engine,which makes it the most efficient amongst the other cars.The 2001 to 2005 Toyota RAV4 is under $10000 but the newer version costs more. It gives a car like driving experience.


2003-2006 INFINITY G35

It’s a luxury car that one can get with low budget. It has an eye appealing look along with a reliable engine. Its specifications are, it has leather seats and wheels that are made from alloy. It has also a Bluetooth connection, a keyless starter along with other high end goodies. It also has a navigation system.

2007-2012 NISSAN VERSA

It is very economic in terms of its cost. The experience that it gives while driving is not so exceptional but its inexpensive price makes it more popular among people. Its specifications are it has 4 efficient cylinder engine along with an available hatchback body style. It’s a best used car which is the best choice for people who want luxury cars with a limited budget.


It was offered only as 4 door sedan. The corolla boasts of reliability, good engine and loads of equipment. Its specifications are it has 1.8 litre 4 cylinder engine which can deliver 126hp with fuel consumption at 35 miles per gallon on the highway. It has safety, security and also comfort features like high quality air conditioners along with a CD player on all corolla models. This 4 door sedan is an ideal compact car for the one’s who want a reliable car with a strong engine and a cheaper maintenance car.


It’s a minivan suitable as a family car which has a great interior along with a powerful engine. Its specifications are it has a powerful V6 engine and also roomy interiors. It’s the bugeted car because of it’s cheaper cost.


It has a mid-size luxurious body shape. The 2006-2010 model offers simple control, comfy seats and a nice driving experience. The 2009 model is equipped with 2.4 litres 4 cylinder engine which provides power up to 249HP and 163 to 229 LB-FT of torque. It a well accelerated car  and has a gas mileage of 26 miles per gallon which is a good exception.



It is a pick up car which is reliable and also with good looks. Its advantages is that the car parts are easily available. It is practically economical for the once who want a pickup truck with a limited budget.

2010-2011 KIA SOUL

It is a box on wheels body complete with features which suits its looks. Its specifications are it has UVO connection system which can be connected directly to your smartphone to play some good music. Your calls can directly be connected without having to actually receive them. But its limitations are an annoying and noisy engine and has a less volume cargo but plus point is that it has a straight and lengthy driving position.

The numerous car range and types makes one confused as to which car one should pick but the right knowledge and specifications of the car if thoroughly studied, when one can make a good choice.

Dealing With Kids Of Separated Parents

As harsh as it sounds, divorce is very common these days and a number of people are separating after years of marriage. While couples without kids don’t find it tough to move on, couples that have children might find it tough to move on. While parents still manage to part ways, children often get depressed and it takes a toll on them. is a great website that enables parents to help their children cope with divorce and helps them understand that it is for the best. If you’re a parent and you’re thinking of separating from your spouse, but you don’t want your child to feel uncomfortable, here are a few ways says can help.

Tell Them You Still Love Them


One of the main problems that children of divorced parents face is that they are not loved or they are the reason for the separation. You need to make sure your child understands that they are loved by both of you and that it is not because of them that you are parting ways. Make them feel loved and ensure you look happy when in front of them. Comfort them and ensure them that you will always love them and be there with them no matter what. Do not let them feel responsible for the steps that you and your partner have chosen to take, instead let them know that it is something that you have mutually decided and it is for the best of you and your partner.

Don’t Lie

Don’t hide the harsh facts either. The sooner your child learns about the problems and the separation, the better it is for them. Do not keep them in the dark. They are part of the family, and when the family is breaking up, they need to know about it. Tell them how you feel and tell them why you think that a divorce is in the best interest of the family. Ask your child their opinion too and let them know that you will do everything it takes to keep them happy even though their parents are no longer together.


Always ask your child which parent they want to live with, and if they want to live with both, explain to them that although it is not possible, both of you will take out as much time as you can to spend time with them. It often gets tough to choose which parent will stay with the child and which one can visit or take the child home on holidays. This is a tough choice and it is something you need to decide with your partner. It is always best for the child to stay in the current home that you share with your partner since there will not be too much that will change in your Childs life. A new home, school and the fact that one parent has left is hard for a child to handle.

When needed, seek help from family members too. This can help the child get some time off while you and your partner go through the divorce.

Reap the Benefits of Pokemon Go!

With technology slowly advancing, you are now able to take advantage of your smartphone in so many ways. With new features that are still advancing throughout the years, you will have a ton of things from that portable device of yours to strengthen and improve your lifestyle! From productivity apps down to fitness apps that help you improve your business and lifestyle, you will be able to make sure that you keep everything neat and in order. Your smartphone is also used as a form of communication, with you being able to interact and communicate with millions of people around the world, either through your network or the Internet and the popular social media websites.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcRbnbrILduFKAeX1h8yAHQJek8ICnRmhV9dkYTo5XqL8ZQgwNT__w

Another awesome thing about your smartphone is the fact that you are also able to entertain yourself with the various websites and apps available for you to have fun with. Through these apps, you are able to spend quality time by yourself or with loved ones. The only problem would be the app you will want to choose out of the many categories and types of games available for entertainment. Luckily, you can cut your search short and install Pokemon Go!pokemongobattle-800x671

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is an app created by developers of the original game, aimed to have you explore your areas for various forms of Pokemon from your smartphone! The world is your oyster, and with that, you are able to use the app to capture Pokemon around your place in real time. With the use of AR technology, GPS, and high-end graphics, your smartphone will now be your Pokedex and avenue to detect Pokemon and capture them at the same time.

Not only will you be able to capture and study Pokemon, but you will also be able to battle with various Pokemon trainers, interacting with people around you. Through Pokestops and gyms, you are able to meet new people and find the same interests as them! You get to even create your own gym as you level up as well. And the calorie burn walking and exploring your surroundings reaps a lot of health benefits as well. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of all the features and reminisce your days of Pokemon with the Pokemon Go app today! All it takes is a quick download and registration, and after that, you will be able to explore the word of Pokemon.

Pokémon Go Hype

Games these days aren’t just for kids but can be enjoyed by adults too especially the kids at heart. Before the technological advances we have in our hands today, board games and card games used to be the best games available to play. But in recent years games have expanded to include virtual games such as those played with game consoles, computer games and even on smartphones. You can easily play a game you like basically whenever and wherever you wanted. They even had portable game devices like Nintendo’s game boy. A popular game lately is Pokemon Go which was recently released in selected countries this year. It is the reason why you are probably hearing news about people going around with their eyes glued on their phone screens. It is quite amusing to see people of all ages enjoying the game.3093797-6152351915-30931

Experience Augmented Reality

One of the reasons why this game became rather popular is because of its augmented reality capabilities. It allows the players to experience the game with the real world as a background. It is quite a fascination for most as it is the first of its kind. It allows the players to explore their location quite well as the game incorporates the player’s geographical location to the game. It’s impossible to advance in the game without going around your location. In fact, you must get around to be able to capture a Pokémon. Just staying in one spot definitely won’t cut it if you want to catch them all.03242016-169

Enjoying A Childhood Game

Having to walk around to hatch your Pokémon eggs can be physically beneficial to you too. You would be getting a good work out by walking around. You may not realize that you’ve walked a couple of miles in order to hatch the eggs or to catch Pokémon because you’re having fun. People are probably wondering why there are so many adults playing the game. Most of them enjoy the fact they are able to play their childhood game and somehow live out their childhood dream of being a Pokémaster. It is a whole new experience for them to be able to play their favorite game with augmented reality capabilities.

Pokémon Go’s popularity steadily increased from the moment it was released. In fact, Nintendo’s stocks experienced an instant jump during the game’s release. The news was also abuzz with the sudden influx of people playing the Pokémon Go game.

The Right Way To Market Your Business

One of the best ways to market your business these days is online. A number of online users have confessed that they spend an average of an hour a day on social media websites and ignoring these websites can cost you a lot of potential customers. While there are a number of online marketing methods that companies offer, happens to be one of the most popular website that has some amazing solutions that not only help your business grow, but also help you get the right exposure and help to target the right audience that will prove to be beneficial for your business. If you’re wondering why you should think about online marketing and social media marketing, here are a few reasons that you should consider.001_20151006113329-shutterstock-218622694

Target The Right Customers

One of the leading benefits that mentions about social media marketing is that you can target the right customers based on your business type. For example, if you are a fashion brand that manufactures clothes for younger women, you can choose your target audience accordingly. You can also choose the areas you want to target. This helps to get you maximum exposure in the areas that actually matter.

Brand Value002_image

According to, a number of people spend an average of an hour on social media websites which means that your business has the maximum potential of gaining the right exposure on those platforms. When your business name keeps coming up, it increases the brand value of your business and it becomes a known name. Even though a customer might not need your products or services now, the fact that they have seen your name online helps them to remember it and when they are looking for companies that provide the services you are offering, there’s a strong chance that they will come to you.


A recent survey conformed that most people tend to trust businesses that have an online presence and advertise on social media. This means your business automatically becomes more reliable and people rely on your services. This is one of the best things for a new business that is struggling to establish a brand name for them in the market. When you advertise on social media, most people believe that you are a strong brand and they automatically trust the services you provide.

Online Presence

One of the best things about online and social media marketing is that it helps you establish a strong online presence. According to, this not only helps is establishing a strong brand name for the business, but is also very helpful in SEO. Constantly appearing online helps your business gets ranked higher in comparison to the competitors and this means you will get more business. All the SEO efforts that you put into your website will finally prove to be successful and your business will climb up the search engine ladder in no time. While conventional advertisement methods are tough and very difficult to follow, social media marketing is easy and user friendly.

Payday Loans: Reliability of loan – risk and benefit

In the ideal world, everybody would plan their finances and be prepared for any contingency. In fact, in the ideal world, there would be not contingencies. However, that not being the case, from time to time, people take loans for various reasons. Housing, vehicles and children’s education are some of the more common reasons and most of these loans are given by banks or various other established financial institutions. There are also people who borrow using the option of pikavippi, which do serve an immediate purpose, but can be ruthless on the borrower in the long run.bad_credit_loans

What is Payday Loan?

Some people also take out loans and mortgages for tax purposes. However, there are times when people do need money in a hurry; it could be due to an unforeseen circumstance or just bad financial management. These loans are typically not very large sums as they are usually unsecured loans, i.e., loans without any collateral security. Only a check is given to the lender which can be cashed at the time of repayment. Due to the fact that these cash advances can be given at a short notice and that too without any security, they attract a high rate of interest. Pawn shops and check cashers are common sources of obtaining these loans.f98-payday-loans

The Debt Cycle

With high interest rates and low repayment period, it is not uncommon to see people taking a second payday loan to pay back the first one. A bounced check not only invites more fees from the lender, it also negatively impacts the credit ratings of the borrower. Bounced checks can also provoke the lender to file legal suits if the money is not repaid in time. To avoid all these problems, a borrower applies for more loans from other lenders.

The Detractors

The critics of these loans are many and have cited many cases where lenders have used coercion and sometimes force on the borrowers to recover the loans. Additionally, most borrowers were found to be from the lower income strata of society and hence did not qualify to borrow from regulated institutions and banks. Many places have actually banned this form of lending, while others have placed strict guidelines and restrictions for the lenders in terms of the rate of interest and recovery methods.

The Lenders

Lenders of payroll loan argue that these short term loans are the last options for many borrowers. They take this option only after all other sources have failed them. Too many regulations and restrictions could impact these borrowers negatively and if someone is in desperate need would even turn to crime. While this claim may be an exaggeration, it cannot be denied that payday loans do provide some relief, however temporary to the borrowers.

While the principles of this loan can be debated, it is important that people adopt better financial management habits. Household spending should be budgeted and savings & investments encouraged.  Families and individuals should show more prudence in monetary affairs and avoid unnecessary and over the top spending and borrowing.

Mr. Coffee Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker Product Review

Creating the perfect hot chocolate can sometimes be frustrating because consistency with the amount of particular ingredients is difficult to maintain. The temperature of the milk needed for your hot choco is also a major factor in order to make the perfect hot chocolate drink. Fortunately, there is the new Mr. Coffee Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker to make sure that your hot chocolate always comes perfect.

Gone are the days wherein you have to deal with overflowing milk due to too much heat and end up with a dirty stove and scorched pans to deal with while preparing milk for your hot choco. Mr. Coffee Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker heats milk with the right temperature and you can be able to prepare your favorite hot chocolate beverage in just a couple of minutes.L13433

Special Hot Chocolate Maker

The Mr.Coffee Cocomotion hot chocolate maker can make 2 up to 4 cups of hot chocolate in just one press of a button. It heats milk to the right temperature for hot chocolate that you are assured there will be no milk overflowing and scorched pans. The mixing disc thoroughly mixes chocolate and milk and make sure that the ingredients are well spread and even out. Aside from hot chocolate, you can also create other chocolate-based beverages out of this automatic hot chocolate maker.

What makes this product more special is that you will notice that the end product has a frothy top which means the hot chocolate prepared through the machine is of good quality and not just the instant type of hot choco. This hot chocolate maker is also very easy to operate and there are not a lot of buttons that will confuse the user. The lid covering the pitcher can also be twisted for a lock in order to make sure that there will be no spillage once you pour the hot chocolate in the cup. The white color of the machine also accentuates the hot chocolate you are making out of it as you can see clearly the product just by looking at it.hqdefault

For more info on the Mr. Coffee Cocomotion hot chocolate maker then visit Consumers Choice Reviews website for extensive reviews on this product. You can also check out product reviews of the hottest items out there in the market today at their website. This is a great way for you to have an idea of a product before even shelling out money to buy the item.

Why Voip Is The Right Choice?

Business VoIP calls are the most popular solutions that a number of business owners are opting in for these days. With the advancement in technology, internet speed and reduced prices, here are the benefits of VOIP that make it so popular.



One of the major reasons business VoIP systems are so popular is because of the cost factor. VOIP is a lot cheaper in comparison to traditional calling methods and it helps a business owner save a huge amount on phone bills. It is one of the best solutions for businesses that have high call flow ratios. The system does not use your phone line to connect calls and instead uses the internet which makes long distance calls very cheap. This system is common in BPO’s and call centers.

Better Service

Another benefit of using business VoIP systems is the quality of calls that it delivers. While phone lines often cause a lot of disturbance, VOIP systems are clear and do not lag or cause call drops. This makes it the most efficient way to provide customer service. Not only does it make it easier for your employee to handle a customer, it also keeps the customer a lot happier since they get better solutions in a less amount of time.



You can move business VoIP systems wherever you want. It is one of the best solutions for businesses that are growing and need to shift their staff from one place to another. All you need is a computer system, an internet connection and a headset and you’re good to go. Installing VOIP systems is very simple and some VOIP providers even send across their service agents to assist you in installing it if you’re new to the system.


Business VoIP systems are very comfortable to use. Employees no longer need to hold the receiver in their hands while speaking to a customer. This enables them to browse through their computer in a more efficient manner and provide the customer with all the solutions they need faster. With VOIP, your employees will not find the need to place the customer on hold for small queries since they can use their hands to access their systems while on a call. Customers too feel a lot better when they get solutions at a faster rate and they end up feeling good about your business which is great for success.


Business team working on laptop

Business VoIP systems provide amazing service. They provide you with a complete record of the number of calls made, the number of calls received, the number of calls missed and the complete record of the performance of all your employees on a daily basis. This helps you to keep a check on the performance of your employees and it helps you pick the ones that are not performing well as well as the ones that are performing well. You can motivate your team based on their weekly performance and this gives them a reason to perform better each week.

Global Access

Business VOIP systems provide you with cheap calling rates all over the world. There is no boundary to the places you can call and this is one of the best features for business who already have a global presence or are looking to establish one.

VOIP is extremely useful which is why it is so popular these days. If you have a high call flow, it is time you considered switching to VOIP for lower calling prices, better performance and happier customers. This is one of the best solutions for calling at any organization and it also helps your business to grow.

What To Expect From Affordable Seo Services

Regardless of the size and nature, most of the businesses understand the significance of hiring the SEO services today. However, for start-ups and small businesses hiring such services may seem quite expensive at times as they don’t have huge budget for SEO needs and hence finding effective SEO services at affordable price can be difficult for them. For many businesses, hiring affordable search engine optimization services can prove to be ineffective. But, this is not truth as affordable services may sometime prove to be effective, especially if you understand your business needs and search the ideal SEO packages accordingly.

So, Affordable SEO Services do exist and they are considered to be the most crucial online marketing strategy for businesses. SEO services are very important and effective way to create online presence for the businesses that are new in the industry. But, if you have limited budget for advertising or just a start-up, then achieving this goal can be difficult. But, not any longer as Affordable SEO services are available today that can help small businesses with restricted budget to efficient market their products and services online.

Affordable SEO Services Do Exist

It is undeniable fact that Affordable SEO Services still exist in the market. But, before you dig into this subject further, you need to have clear idea that affordable and cheap are not the same. Both these words have different meaning. Affordable services usually mean that you are availing services by paying reasonable rates without compromising on the quality and the features of the services. However, cheap services usually mean that you are searching for some low paid services without the assurance to get quality SEO services which can help your business to flourish.


According to SEO experts, you must never opt for cheap SEO services from any SEO firm; instead it is always advisable to go for the SEO Company that ensures to offer you quality SEO services at reasonable prices. Such companies will always ensure you to offer long lasting benefits at affordable pricing without compromising on quality. This will save both your time and money as you are not required to hire additional experts or professional correct the errors which are done by the companies offering cheap SEO services. Affordable SEO services are considered to be the efficient marketing strategy, especially for the start-ups and small businesses with limited budget for advertising.

Characteristics of Affordable SEO Services

  • Scaled Services – There are many SEO companies that promise to offer complete range of services. But, it may seem complicated for you as you may not required come of the services included in the package. So, without any option you have to choose the complete package and pay for the services which are of no use for you. But, the companies offering Affordable SEO Services usually offer broad spectrum of options that enable their clients to scale diverse features depending upon their specific requirements and budget. So, the company allows the customers to personalize the solutions according to their needs.
  • Unique and Personalized Services – The companies offering affordable SEO services are eager to offer you a variety of options and services to ensure highest customers satisfaction. They value their customers and hence they allow them to customize their SEO packages based on their unique needs and limited budget. So, you will be in the better state to decide which features to include and which ones are not required in the selected SEO package. This is an useful option for the small business and start-ups as it enables them to have better control over pricing.
  • Comprehensive Services – The professional SEO firms not only offer affordable services, but they ensure to offer comprehensive and wide range of services at affordable rates including
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine submission
  • Directory submission
  • Content writing services
  • Link building
  • Keyword research
  • Page ranking
  • On and off Page Optimization

So, you will have a variety of options in hand and you can pick the services based on your unique needs and SEO campaign. So, you are not required to hire several providers for such services as everything will be offered under one-roof.

Vector social media concept

  • Vast Experience – The SEO firms that are focused on offering affordable SEO services have vast experience in the field and they are into this field for several years. So, their experience and expertise in the field enable them to provide quicker turnarounds when required and their customers always have faith on them to get professional services at a rate that they can easily afford. Since they have years of experience in the field, they can provide you the best services without making a hole in your pocket.

Get Insights From Other Experts and Customers

It is very essential for you to conduct a research online and find out what other people have to say about the SEO Company you are hiring for SEO services at affordable rate. You must check for the testimonials and reviews of the customers prior to hiring their services. It is important because it will offer you deep insight and help you to identify whether or not the Affordable SEO Services are worth considering. You must focus on the feedbacks about the customer service, level of professionalism and of course the costing and pricing of the services. These were some of the crucial factors that you need to consider while hiring Affordable SEO Services.