Shooting Games Online- Top Shooting Unblocked Games

Shooting games are a genre in games and a subgenre in action games. As the name implies, these games are generally designed with the purpose of shooting the enemy and progress through to the next level or here they call it as “missions”.

Shooting games can be played offline as well as online. In offline mode, it is possible to play solo and though it is possible for multiplayer it takes a lot of effort in connecting various players through servers.

An easy way to play the multiplayer is using the online games where you can fight with the gamers all around the world.


The shooting games have several subgenres based on the type of game. They are

  • First person shooters- These are the games that have the on-screen view that provides simulation from the player’s point of view. It will look like the player is actually playing in the screen.
  • Third-person shooters- In this the game is seen from a third-person angle. So, everything will be clearly visible.
  • Hero Shooters- This genre is mainly used in multiplayer games where each player can see his own First person in their respective screen.

Shooting games are always criticized for promoting terrifying events and violence. There are proven cases where several accused have claimed that they have used the game plans to locate or gain the target details.

Some of the shooting unblocked games that can be played online are

  • Doom
  • Sniper Team
  • Sniper Team 2
  • Bowman
  • Warzone Battle
  • Alien Attack team 2
  • Foxy Sniper
  • Stealth Sniper
  • Shooting Engine
  • Military wars
  • Clear Vision


There are some wonderful offline games that all gamers must check out. Some of the top ranked shooting unblocked games are

  • Counter Strike
  • Call of Duty
  • Battlefield
  • Crysis
  • Mass Effect

Best Unblocked Shooting Game Today

Who doesn’t want a bit of fun when stuck with blocked internet connection at school or colleges or even at home when you have somewhat strict parents? Well, do not worry, as there are plenty of games to play when you are stuck with limited number of games to play. Nothing can stop you from playing unblocked games, especially when shooting games are your favorite.

Battlefield Shooter

It is the best game when it comes to unblocked shooting games. You can have easy access to this game, anywhere and anytime. In this shooting game, you have to be the savior and as your base is being attacked by infiltrators, you take a stand and defend and protect your camp and members.


In this game, you will be a single shooter, shooting at enemy troops who attack your base, bringing in new and more advanced weapons, artilleries and tanks to destroy your base. As you kill all the enemy troops, you move up the ladder of the levels. You will have to clear all the enemies by shooting them with your weapon before they destroy your camp.

In this game, you will get chance after clearing each level, to repair your weapons and perform better in dealing with the incoming troops. As the level rises, the difficulty also increases. First you will encounter a troop of standing shooters. Once you kill them all, new troops will come in with jeeps and shooters, followed by another troop in level 3, with tanks, jeep and shooters; and the level keeps increasing with the difficulty.


With all this, you will have to make a plan and save your base from getting destroyed. Kill the enemies and make your name as the best sniper! This is more than a game- your base is in danger. Protect it!

Friv Games

What are FRIV games?

FRIV is a website that hosts hundreds of free flash games which the children can play to engage in some harmless fun. Usually meant for kids, sometimes adults indulge in some game time too. FRIV has become very popular, especially among teens due to its addicting and easy-to-play games. The website is completely safe from any sort of cyber bullying and does not contain any abusive language or content that is inappropriate for children. The content on the website is very sparse and navigating to your game becomes difficult as the name of the game shows only when you hover over the game tile.

What’s the appeal of friv games?

Friv games are very popular among school kids, teens, and young adults. Sometimes even adults play these games. The website has a wide range of games that are intuitive and fun to play. There may also be some educational value to the games – as some games test your math and logical reasoning skills. However, it is unclear as to what a game might teach since it is not always explicitly mentioned.


The games are displayed in the form of tiles, and you just have to hover over the tile with your mouse and click it, to play. All the games run on flash, so it’s necessary to have the latest version of flash installed on your computer. The website currently has seven hundred plus games and is categorized such as Action, Shoot ‘em up, Puzzles, sports, Adventure etc.

If you are new to the website, here’s a list of few popular games:

  • Angry Birds Rovio: This game tops the charts and is undisputedly the best game of all time. The game features a fight between cute colorful birds and conniving pigs who has stolen their eggs.
  • Red Driver 2: This game is another favorite where you drive around in a blazing red car and compete against other drivers on different race tracks.
  • Monster Truck demolition: As its name suggests, you assume control of one of the biggest monster trucks and you are allowed to go on a rampage; destroying other trucks to your heart’s content.

The friv team is dedicated to providing quality games that run on almost all kinds of devices be it Smartphones, desktop, and laptop. Friv games post a new game every day! You don’t have to play the same game anymore as you discover novel ways to kill time.


There’s an educational side to the friv website. There exists a friv4school website that promotes learning through video games. Some teachers might disagree with video games being used as educational tools but it’s a proven fact that children respond better to simulations than illustrations. Children are more receptive to ideas and concepts when explained through a video or presentation than plain text. Here are a few popular educational games on friv4school –

  • First day at school – this game teaches children on how to conduct yourself at school and how to properly deal with your teachers, staff, and even bullies.
  • Harry the hamster – This game teaches children how to count by arranging numbered bricks to form a structure.
  • Game over gopher – a stimulating game for kids aged 9 onwards.

How To Buy A League Of Nation Account

League of Legends is a game in which players expect the function of not seen summoned which runs a winner with exact talents and combat opposition team of different players or PC manage champions. The intent is frequent to wreck the opposing staff’s nexus a formation which assume in the core of a base included by means of protective structures. Every league of legends suit is separate with all champions opening off really vulnerable however increasing in force by using way of collecting items and expertise over the direction to the game.

League of Legends has a lively and popular aggressive place. Enclosed North the us and Europe, rebel games organize the league championship sequence situated in L.A and Berlin separately which includes 10 official groups in every mainland.


A winning champion stage in fits makes it possible for players to release their champion’s detailed abilities and increase accordingly in a quantity of methods special to each and every personality. An identical regional competition exists in Northeast Asian (China,South Korea,Taiwan) South the United States and South-eastern Asia. These are the local competition climax occurring once every year; In the 12 months of the year 2013, which they possess prize money of 1 million bucks and attracted 32 million spectators on-line.

The tournaments which have played in the year 2014 and 2015 every player will get massive prize price amount in E-sports history at 2.Three million bucks. Winners additionally obtain trophies for playing the tournaments in summoner’s cup.

For every game play players manipulate characters referred to as winner is selected for each and every match, who every must set of particular talents. In order to use this, we have buy lol account to play winner starts each suit in a bottom stage with an attain expertise over the direction of the suit to gain a maximum stage eighteen. A winning champion stage in fits makes it possible for players to release their champion’s detailed abilities and increase accordingly in a quantity of methods special to each and every personality. Gamers additionally start every game with less quantity of gold which may earn further gold in the course of the healthy in a form of methods

Following are the two major game modes and they’re

  • Classic
  • ARAM (All Random All Mid)

 Classic Mode:

Traditional game mode requires you to ruin the enemy’s nexus while defending your own and is performed on the maps Summoner’s rift Twisted Tree line and the Howling Abyss.


ARAM Mode:

The ARAM game mode is performed on the Howling abyss and the intention is the same as stated above.

Dominion game mode requires you to preserve nearly all of capture aspects on the map to break the enemy nexus and is played on the Crystal Scar map

For every opponent has extra line are impartial scope to the plan referred to the forest & river.


The forest is arranged in following 4 quarters which is a type of extra powerful non-participant characters referred to the devil.


The River split a region according to the higher left to the diminish correct-hand corners.

Moviestarplanet – The Best Online Game Ever!!

Today we all are aware that our world is full of many amazing games. Moviestarplanet is one of them. Children love to interact and want to play such games where they meet new friends and stay in touch with them. It is a very popular game among the kids where you show your creative side and meet new friends.

Movie star planet is an online game where every player becomes a star in his own way. Children from 8 to 15 years of age through their creative skill create a movie. When other players watch their movie they earn name, fame and the currency of movie star planet (star coins and diamonds). It is a very creative and fascinating game, no one gets bore here. In this game the players take parts in the competitions and show their skill and make new friends.


 Parents are often unaware what their children surf in the net so parents are responsible to watch their children. Parents could also take part in their children’s activities. MSP created this so that they could give safe online platform for the children. And for this, it is very important that the parents show their active role in this game. The rules and safety measures may sometime be difficult for the kids to understand so parents should make their children understand these netiquette.

 To keep the site safe for the users the supporter and the moderator of the MSP created many safety measures to protect the child from possible misconduct. They have kept the alert for the inappropriate and undesirable behavior. They have adopted such measures to keep the children safe from any inappropriate misconduct and behavior. Most of its users are kind and respectful to each other so movie star planet is a safest game for the children to play.

 Movie star planet is a free game but by paying you could get access to more amazing features of this game. You will get costumes, animations and many other items. In order to gain more advantage of the features of this game, one has to pay. By taking this advantage you will be able to fasten up your name to fame. But before thinking about this, children, you should ask your parents about the online payment for this game. From credit card you can buy star coins when needed.

There are certain rules of this game like any other game. It recommends keeping your profile and the password secure and safe. Never show your personal information to any other person and this is not the stage where you use offensive or abusive language. If the player makes unauthorized purchases MSP block their account according to his offense either permanently or temporary. Depends upon the circumstances they take the further steps to punish the user. Firstly, they send warning and block the person’s account or his computer’s IP address. Movie star planet promises its users complete safety. But if anyone found to break the rules of the movie star planet his profile and account will be permanently blocked than he will no more be able to get access to his account. 


MSP hack and the cheats are the programs developed by the MSP’s experienced coders to make the game more fun for the kids. MSP hack tool is safe program, by clicking on the access now button you will easily able to start this, you have to enter your username and the number of star coins you wanted. Make sure that you never type your original name as the username. MSP cheats allow you to get accessible to this game without downloading any other software. This feature is the best one because it provides you some amazing benefits like free VIP, unlimited number of star coins and diamond, fame and uses it for free.

Movie star planet is a fun game which makes every player happy through their different programs, because of this, even the poor player could get access to unlimited star coins and diamonds through the MSP hacks and cheats. This makes your boring life happier. You will be able to show your creative side and become popular easily. You will be able to develop your creative ideas by designing and creating your own movie star planet. So download this game and make your life more enjoyable.


Pixel Gun 3d Is The Game You Should Try Today!

Virtual games on screen can be a real passion to many. With a wide genre of games, the gaming world has a lot to lure you. So if you are such game lover and in look for an interesting game, Pixel Gun 3D is the thing for you.

Pixel Gun 3D is a paid, multiplayer shooter offering loads of different

weapons, game modes and amazing quests for you to choose from . With an open,vibrant chat/messaging system, this game could expose you to almost

anything. But it does have a provision for objectionable contents to be reported. This app has been lately in the list of top ten paid gaming apps specifically because of its pixelated blocks that makes it way lot appealing.



Pixel Gun 3D comes in two interesting modes.

  • The Single-player Survival Mode:

This mode allows you to run around shooting the skeletons, ghouls, spiders and the zombies. Don’t be surprised to find the zombies sneak up on you undetected, so be always prepared. The baddies out there in this mode are far more skilled than the real players and may eventually kill you, which otherwise is not a problem if ammo had not been limited. Once you run out of them you got to buy them with real money. Moreover, the controls in this mode may leave you frustrated. This mode is less entertaining when compared to the Multi-player mode.

  • The Global Multi-Player mode:

Being multiplayer globally is the most striking aspect that has contributed to this mode’s wide-spread popularity. You run around a map killing other players with an array of weapons to pick from. The scores for your number of kills get marked in your scoreboard which decides the winner. In this mode, you also see a number of user created content such as player sprites or maps. You can play this mode locally with your friends or globally with players located anywhere.


What makes the game very alluring is the fact that it is skinned with pixelated blocks. The game is so designed that the player enters the battlefield with nothing more than a pixelated handgun and he got to

shoot his way out of the tight scene. The various undeads including the skeletons, mummies and the zombies comprise of the same boxy bodies. Everything is so heavy in pixels that figuring out details of the monsters becomes really difficult in case they are up very close. There is also a Skin Maker section, where if you wish, can create a new skin from scratch or begin with an already defined character and customise it.


The primer level that you start with somehow has the look of a zombie shooting gallery rather than FPS.You are then moved to the graveyard. Defend yourselves against the undead monsters there including the terrible zombies. Staying at one spot is not a good idea as moving about various spots help you in discovering different guns and additional hidden ammos. You can use guns like basic handgun, machine gun, sawed-off shotgun to name a few.

Untitled 1

Survival mode has only one re-spawn elixir to offer. So once you die, you have to start it all over again. In the multi-player mode you can create a game with your choice of map and specifications  like number of players. If not, you can join a game created by some other player. Enter into the arena and kill or get killed. While survival mode has 10 challenging levels to choose from, the multiplayer mode has 9 different maps to pick from.

Download Pixel Gun 3D Hack APK and set about playing what you have just read above. Pixel Gun 3D Hack is created particularly for them, who bother to spend their free time playing. You can play this game in your Android by downloading it from the Play Store. If you have an iPhone or iPad get the game from your favourite Apple Store.