Chemicals Claim to Fix Your Hair

This is not new that chemicals claim to fix your hair, make it fuller, promote black hair growth, provide volume and shine to your hair. But even the most novice of people aren’t fooled by these claims because no matter what chemicals and false advertisements can only fool you for till a certain limit. The truth will out over the long term.

Why chemicals are not healthy for your hair?Screen-Shot-2015-07-08-at-10.47.52-PM

The chemicals, though they claim to repair your damaged hair, end up taking more away from your naturals than giving. Regular use of even shampoos, colors, dyes, serums will only ruin your hair further. Always opt for natural products because no matter what the claims are, no matter how the chemicals assert they work there will always be a drawback to using chemicals, because, well they are chemicals! They are not natural.

Your hair has and follows the natural timeline of growing back to health. Using numerous treatments and chemicals takes away from the natural process, acting on it to speed up the process leading to less amount of protein and nutrients reaching your hair. This leads to weaker hair follicles and easily breakable roots.

If you are going for or opting to go for keratin treatments, or scalp nourishment treatments, my recommendation is to keep the number of visits to the parlour to a minimum because even regular treatments of keratin has shown the degradation it causes to hair.

Women regularly color their hair in order to make them appear healthy and to hide the whites, but this only damages your hair and does nothing good to it. If you really want to save yourself from the outbreak of hair fall which happens regularly and the damaged hair, then keep yourself away from the luxury of coloring and doing hair treatments.

Henna has shown great results when it comes to restoring the quality of hair naturally. It will also hide your white hair and give the proper nutrients from the outside.

Learn Everything About Cars Before You Buy One

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